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Lighthouse Learning is a Digital Learning company for big organisations who believe in genuinely investing in & upskilling their people.
With a passion for teaching we combine content, technology and tools to create fun & memorable on-demand learning experiences that boost performance, productivity & profits.


Multi Device Digital Learning 


"Our new Digital Learning technologies offer the advantage of being able to reach a wider number of staff more easily and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional instructor-led classroom model. This is the perfect solution for global organisations looking for reach & learning impact across multiple markets."

Derek O' Herlihy


How we create Smarter People, Smarter Business.




With deep experience on both the client & elearning side of the fence we developed Rock Solid - our very own Learning Management System (LMS) & Platform.

This puts the company fully in control of managing & monitoring all Digital Learning throughout the entire organisation. It's cloud based so your staff can access it anytime and anywhere from their mobile devices.

Inside our Technology Toolkit we use a number of tools including HTML5, Adobe Flash, Articulate Storyline, Lectora Publisher, Adobe Captivate & Content Creator.



Consulting & Audits
We can help to give you a Big Picture overview of where your learning is currently at and where it could be in the future. Our process helps to identify gaps and opportunities in the area of learning and organisational development.

Content Creation
Our content specialists work closely with your Subject Matter Experts to create highly customised content that's easy to understand & remember.

Design & Animation
Humans are visual and we create compelling content that helps to simplify the complex and makes it more meaningful & memorable. 

For companies looking to access new markets in the EMEA, Latin America America or China we provide a comprehensive translation service to ensure your content is relevant and always accurate.

Video & Voice Overs
Our specialist teams bring together moving images and sound in a way that best depicts the actual work environment.



Gaming is Serious Play
Lighthouse is leading the way in gaming for business in Ireland. We use elearning authoring tools & emerging technologies to design games that get staff engaged and accelerate learning.

The Learning Hub App
Instead of Death by Powerpoint your company can now create it's own fully branded App that pulls all your content together into a central Learning Hub. Staff can learn at their own pace & performance can be tracked & recorded.

On-the-Job Demos
Work samples are highly effective for recruitment because employers want people to demonstrate that they can do the job before being hired. We can create real time scenarios to evaluate behaviour and gauge performance.

Pre Packaged Courses
For SME's looking for ready to go learning we have a range of elearning modules & courses that cover Food Safety, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Child Protection.
Ideal for compliance and getting staff accredited fast.


Clients we've partnered with

Ou clients are big nationals or multi-nationals primarily in the 4 areas of: 
Food & Beverage, Biopharma, Healthcare and Education 

Our Thinking...
Smarter People. Smarter Business

The importance of people and people teams and how they communicate, collaborate and learn within an organisation has never been more important.


The nature of traditional work is changing as we experience a radical shift in the structure of the workforce and the re-inventing of the definition of work itself.

From the factory floor to the C Suite the use and application of technology is transforming the way we learn and the way we work. The traditional classroom is dead as companies change the way they connect and engage with learners through the smart application of new technologies.... (Read More) 

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