About Derek

Hi, my name is Derek O' Herlihy and I'm the CEO of Lighthouse Learning based in Ireland.

Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting.

About Us pages can often take themselves too seriously, but at Lighthouse Learning we're in the people business...so we try our best to keep things personal and down to earth.

The field of e-learning is  fast emerging but can also be challenging for newcomers. We are here to help and guide our clients towards the best possible solutions.

Human resources can be a lot like natural resources, buried deep. You have to dig HARD to find them in order to unlock & realise their full potential. 

Working in and for multinationals, realising people potential has been my quest for the last 25 years. My background is in the areas of management, manufacturing, learning & development and technology for Pepsi. I personally led the shift  to e-learning within Pepsi and was involved in its planning and practical roll out around the world.

In  2010, I decided to tale a leap of faith and start my own e-learning company called Phare Creation...Phare is French for Lighthouse. Coming from an island, maybe I'm a bit of an explorer at heart and for me a Lighthouse has always represented  a strong beacon that guides us outwards to new places but also brings us back home.

Since then we've set up operations in France and Ireland while building the business and attracting a number of premium Blue chip clients.


Having worked in the world of multi-nationals, I have a deep understanding of learning requirements of global, big and complex organisations.  At the same time as an entrepreneur, I have been privileged to work with a number of different businesses and industries around the world. 

Knowing what Big companies need & want and how to practically and creatively deliver on it, is what really makes Lighthouse Learning strong & helps us stand out from others.

We have experience working on audit, learning & translation projects across a number of different markets around the world. Every project we work on is unique and is like creating a new and wonderful watch from scratch. There can be 100s of moving parts on a project from the Learning Management Systems, to the Content and Learning modules created, all the way through to the translations, technology and devices used for digital learning. 

Our team at Lighthouse Learning are very good at bringing all of these elements together in a holistic way that works best for our clients. This means  every project is fully customisable as we work based on your unique requirements and budget. At Lighthouse Learning our service is always very personal and we take the time to really learn about your business, make sure we're clear about your Learning Objectives so we can create learning that's unforgettable.

Away from work, I'm a life long learner and my Interests include People, Travelling, Learning, Gadgets, Crime Novels, Singing, Food & Football.


Why Lighthouse Learning?

Growing up in Ireland, I've always been fascinated... if not surrounded by lighthouses. They are something that you notice even if you're not looking for them. Here our rugged coastline has about 70 lighthouses standing tall and helping sea farers with safe passage by lighting the way.

Built in about the early 1900's these structures are some of the tallest and in some respects represented the latest technology of the day. Most of Ireland's lighthouses were built by George Halpin...a builder by trade with no formal engineering experience. Yet with incredible passion, perseverance  & precision ...George designed and oversaw the construction of a staggering 57 lighthouses within a 50 year period. 

On a personal level, I have great admiration for the vision, imagination and engineering skills that went into building our amazing lighthouses. There is such a rich & vibrant history behind the building, people and history of each one of them. Back then Lighthouse keeping was a way of life for men and their families for well over 100 years. Lighthouses ran like clockwork & meticulous timing and attention to detail was needed to 'watch the light' by looking after the lantern, watching & signalling for fog and keeping the building in 'shipshape' condition.

However in the 1980s lighthouse technology was disrupted when lighthouses became autonomous and the traditional era came to an end. In the same way that technology changed lighthouses, today it is changing the conventional  classroom and the way that people learn.

In the same way, Lighthouse Learning in the spirit and tradition of Irish lighthouses helps large organisations navigate the finer details of digital learning & development using the latest 21st Century training & technology tools.