Learning Management Systems

It is important for organisations to know what training has taken place over specific periods of time. This could be to track compliance to company policy training or mandatory, regulatory training etc.

One type of system that can be used is a Learning Management System (LMS). At Lighthouse Learning, we have our own cloud-based LMS called Rock Solid. The system allows users to self-register and gain access to assigned modules or signup for modules available in the course catalog.

Learners can view modules on-line using smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. The system recognises when a learner starts a module and completes a module. If a learner leaves a module part way through the module, the system knows where it exited so they can start from there again.


The system allows learners to perform quizzes and the scores can be tracked. It provides certificates of completion when courses have been passed. These certificates can be automatically emailed to the learner or a company administrator.

Reports in Rock Solid are downloaded with one click directly to the learners Downloads folder. Some lesser used features are also available, for example using Groups, or Group Chat.

Being a company that creates modules and that has its own proprietary Rock Solid LMS, you can be sure that there will be no compatibility issues.

Course within our LMS can be viewed on multiple devices and on multiple browsers without any problem, providing complete flexibility & mobility.

Contact us at hello@lighthouselearning.ie if you would like more information