It's time to re-imagine the Work Place
as a connected Mobile Learning Space.

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If you started using the Internet in 1995 you were one of only 35 Million people around the world.
Fast forward 2 decades and 3.5 Billion people are now connected to the Internet. Mobile phone usage has also skyrocketed from 80 Million users in 1996 to 4.5 Billion today, with half being Smart Phone Users. 
With the massive growth of technology and mobile devices today's workplace is more connected digitally than physically.

Most employees in the world today have not known a world without the Internet. Advertisers anticipated this trend and Digital Advertising recently eclipsed TV and all other media with a 38% market share of total Ad spend. The world of learning has reached an inflection point and yet most organisations continue to transfer skills and knowledge via the conventional classroom instead of investing in Digital Learning?

E-Learning is often seen as static, bland and boring. That's why we prefer the term Digital Learning because we bring learning to life in a dynamic, fun and engaging way. No longer the domain of the Training Department, Digital Learning breaks down 'Silo Thinking' and creates collaboration between all departments to  enable them to fly in formation with one another in order achieve common objectives for the overall success of the organisation.

Best of all Digital learning can be managed & monitored real time to ensure that it becomes profitably effective. The fact that learning can now be measured by analytics also creates greater accountability on all sides. As technology accelerates in the areas of Digital & Mobile it is conceivable that business and organisations will one day capture, conserve & communicate all learning online.

At Lighthouse Learning we help organisations navigate the transition from traditional to fully integrated Digital Learning.


Interested in learning more?
HERE's how we do it and an overview of the 3 pillars
of the lighthouse LEARNING OFFERING


With deep experience on both the client & elearning side of the fence we developed Rock Solid - our very own Learning Management System (LMS) & Platform.

This puts the company fully in control of managing & monitoring all Digital Learning throughout the entire organisation. It's cloud based so your staff can access it anytime and anywhere from their mobile devices. Rock Solid has been designed with multi-nationals in mind and offers clients a clear & simple User Experience, easy Admin & Analytics, seamless integration into organisational systems and enhanced access from Mobile Devices.

Inside our Technology Toolkit we use a number of tools including HTML5, Adobe Flash, Articulate Storyline, Lectora Publisher, Adobe Captivate & Content Creator



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Consulting & Audits
We can help to give you a Big Picture overview of where your learning is currently at and where it could be in the future. Our process helps to identify gaps and opportunities in the area of learning and organisational development.

Content Creation
Our content specialists work closely with your Subject Matter Experts to create highly customised content that's easy to understand & remember.

Design & Animation
Humans are visual and we create compelling content that helps to simplify the complex and makes it more meaningful & memorable. 

For companies looking to access new markets in the EMEA, Latin America America or China we provide a comprehensive translation service to ensure your content is relevant and always accurate.

Video & Voice Overs
Our specialist teams bring together moving images and sound in a way that best depicts the actual work environment.



Gaming is Serious Play
Lighthouse is leading the way in gaming for business in Ireland. We use elearning authoring tools & emerging technologies to design games that get staff engaged and accelerate learning.

The Learning Hub App
Instead of Death by Powerpoint your company can now create it's own fully branded App that pulls all your content together into a central Learning Hub. Staff can learn at their own pace & performance can be tracked & recorded.

On-the-Job Demos
Work samples are highly effective for recruitment because employers want people to demonstrate that they can do the job before being hired. We can create real time scenarios to evaluate behaviour and gauge performance.

Pre Packaged Courses
For SME's looking for ready to go learning we have a range of elearning modules & courses that cover Food Safety, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Child Protection.
Ideal for compliance and getting staff accredited fast.