What Staff think about Digital Learning?

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The shift from "Old School" to "New School"

It's important to move beyond the hype and uncover what is really working for organisations and people in practice. As we move from traditional ‘e-learning’ we're more likely to talk about Digital Learning instead. 

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The latest research* suggests 70% of Learning & Development is not proactive in understanding how individuals in their organisations learn.88% know what learning they need.....but only 42% agree that their company provides relevant online learning for their job.

This is a significant gap & needs to be addressed. 


These findings are part of the latest 2016/2017 Towards Maturity report which highlights the gap between current corporate learning and what learners really want. A sample of 2084 individual workers were surveyed  to develop a deep understanding of how they learn and what they need to do their jobs well. This was then compared and contrasted with the insights gleaned from 600 L&D leaders from around the world.


Here are a few insights covered in the report

Workers have a positive outlook on the value of online learning

  • 80% can see how online learning can help them further their career
  • 70% think that it has a positive impact on their job performance

Workers overcome challenges of access, but struggle with supply

  • 53% find location or IT is a barrier to learn online, so they are turning to mobile, with 64% saying accessing learning from a mobile device is essential/very useful
  • 29% find online content uninspiring
  • Workers do not consider the course as the only option:
  • 77% rate working in collaboration with others as essential/very useful

Workers turn to technology for convenience and connectivity

  • 89% are downloading apps - e.g. for education (50%) and productivity tools (49%)
  • Workers value personal experience for personal gain:
  • 57% want learning to contribute towards a qualification or certification

Managers play a critical role

  • 31% say that support from their managers is critical to a smooth and successful online learning experience

When are staff Learning

  • 52% Point of Need
  • 47% evenings & weekends
  • 27% travelling to and from work
  • 77% rate working in collaboration with others as essential very useful
  • 69% of learners are motivated by technologies that allow them to network & connect with each other
  • 42% agree their company provides relevant online learning for their job
  • 70% agree that online learning can help them further their careers


Digital Learning: European Realities Research from 2016 led by the Fosway Group in partnership with Learning Technologies – and its supporting community, The Learning and Skills Group. Over 1000 L&D professionals took part in the research last year, making it the largest digital learning survey in Europe.