HR & Talent



Managing people and processes in large organisations can be highly complex.
Legislation changes so quickly and new corporate requirements can make it difficult to keep abreast of change. Ensuring all employees are fully up to date can be daunting and time consuming to manage.


We can work with you to build the appropriate solutions that best help to up skill your people in either general or specific areas.  Whether it’s learning required for a specific team or division or more company wide learning like  your Code of Conduct, Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSR) Money Laundering or Managing Diversity we can help to create compelling and consistent learning modules that support organisational objectives. This helps  to take the pressure from the ‘Chalk and Talk’ approach to having all key information easily stored & managed in the Cloud for easy access and monitoring of Digital Learning throughout the entire organisation.


  • Builds organisational capabilities
  • Completely flexible
  • Employees current with legislation & company policies
  • Quick & easy to access learning 
  • Valuable for constant review & refresher training
  • All key information stored electronically 
  • Key to improving skills 

Today’s learning and training departments define themselves as the gatekeepers of productivity and performance improvement with nine out of ten survey respondents citing ‘improved productivity and performance’ as a major goal of their learning and development department. These leaders also emphasize the importance of showing the real-world applications of the knowledge they provide workers, with nearly 70% of respondents selecting ‘converting knowledge into business outcomes’ as their department’s goal. Rounding out the top three are ‘education and growth of employees,’ which two-thirds of respondents named as a goal of their department.