Manufacture & Technical Training



You are setting up a large, complex manufacturing plant and you need to be able to educate and up skill your workforce on how to implement best practice processes and procedures.


We bring a deep understanding of complex manufacturing and technical training environments within big multi-nationals. Working with you, we help to identify problem areas, bottle necks and pain points and then look at innovative and creative ways to design digital learning that helps to get your team on board and realise your objectives.


  • Helps staff visualise the facility or laboratory
  • Improves production efficiency
  • Accelerates on the job learning 
  • Enhances 'Big Picture' understanding of the entire production process 

  • Reduces waste and deviations
  • Support the lean lab philosophy
  • Improves safety & work practice 
  • Manages learning, performance & results on a real time basis through analytics and measurement tools
  • Creates personal accountability 

Overall, what Lighthouse offers above others is the highly personal Project Management elements to the development. Intertwined with the biggest advance from any vendor this year has been your new online review tool. We have other vendors who give us a project plan and that has it’s place but for effective planning, the review tool is excellent.
— Food & Beverage Client