Product, Service and Sales



Your company is selling new and different products every day and as you grow new sales staff come on board and product features & benefits evolve and change.
It's vital staff learn about new products or services to ensure your Sales & Marketing teams are prepared and ready to discuss these and any issues with your customers in a professional way that's unique to your business. First impressions count and you need your Teams to have the knowledge, techniques and skills required to sell products and provide back up service & support to your customers.


Sales teams are often geographically dispersed making traditional classroom sessions difficult & costly  to accommodate.  We can provide your team with the Digital Learning solutions to equip them to fully understand the different dimensions of your Products and Selling process. At the same time we can embed knowledge & learning into the organisation to enable and empower your staff to deal with the most complicated and challenging customer inquiries.


  • Company wide, consistent & quality content to the entire team 
  • Easy access to information to keep up to date with latest products, pricing and promotions 
  • Improved custom service & trouble shooting for your customers 

  • Flexibility and portability allowing for training to be delivered anytime and anywhere on any device
  • Ability to create, embed and retain valuable knowledge within the business

Another main driver is people’s growing attitude towards self-training for job related purposes and is based on personal initiative.

According to the Pew Research Center:

73% adults consider themselves lifelong learners

63% of those who are working (or 36% of all adults) are professional learners

(that is, they have taken a course or gotten additional training in the past 12 months to improve their job skills or expertise connected to career advancement.)